If This Is The New Dolphins Logo, A Lot Of Fans Are Going To Be Unhappy

rumours have been circulating for several months that the Miami Dolphins were going to introduce a new logo in 2013. And now many are wondering if the image below (or something very similar) is the new logo.

A rough sketch of the logo first appeared at Dolfansnyc.com. Later, Paul Lukas of ESPN.com was given a more refined version of the same logo (as seen below). Mike Dee, CEO of the Dolphins did not deny the authenticity of the logo, but said (via Twitter) the team is still exploring a number of “design alternatives.”

It would not be surprising if this logo was intentionally leaked by the team to gauge fan reaction.

The biggest differences in the new logo is the absence of the helmet on the dolphin and the dolphin is now swimming instead of jumping out of the water. You can see the evolution of the Dolphins logo below.

Miami Dolphins Logo

[credit provider=”Twitter.com/UniWatch”]

Evolution of the Dolphins logo. The size of the sun is identical in each logo to show how the size of the dolphin has changed. Click on image for a larger version (logos via SportsLogos.net)…

Miami Dolphins Logos

[credit provider=”SportsLogos.net & Twitter.com/UniWatch”]