Photo Bombing? So Last Year. Try Phone Bombing Someone's Airport Mobile Phone Chat

Hate those loud conversations people have on a plane, in the airport or other public spaces?
Sick of overhearing what a complete stranger wants for dinner or their late night booty call plans?
Well here’s an idea that’s gone viral in the last few days: phone conversation bombing.

American actor and comic Greg Benson makes pranks clips on YouTube under the name Mediocre Films. He does everyone from going to visit Facebook friends he’s never met, to see if they still want to be friends to expletive-laden (and very funny) reviews of cruise ships.

His latest prank has become an internet sensation, with more than six million people in the four days since it was released on December 15 watching him “phone bomb” hapless people as they talk on mobile phones at the airport.

Benson sits down next to people on the phone, pretends to be also on the phone and then begins answering their end of the conversation. The results are hilarious, as you’ll see below.

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