PHOTOS: Australia's Taronga Zoo has an incredibly rare orange monkey

Taronga Zoo is celebrating the newest addition to its family with the birth of an orange Francois’ Langur — one of the rarest monkeys in the world.

The baby monkey, named “Nangua” after the Mandarin word for pumpkin, was born earlier in the month.

While young Francois’ Langurs are born with bright orange hair, as they get older it turns black.

According to senior primate keeper, Jane Marshall, the mother, Meili, and the other females have been closely protecting the baby.

“Noel (another female in the group) has taken on the role of allomother, carrying the baby about 50% of the time,” said Marshall.

“This gives mum a break to eat and rest, but as soon as the baby whimpers she races straight back over to him.”

Nangua is Meili’s second baby at Taronga, following the birth of Tam Dao in 2011. The father, Bobo, was brought to Sydney from Beijing Zoo in 2010, as part of the international breeding program for the endangered species.

Here are the photos.

“Meili has shown her calmness and experience since the birth, cradling and protecting the baby,” said Marshall.

Photo: Taronga Zoo/ Facebook.

Nangua has begun to explore his exhibit on Taronga’s Rainforest Trail to the delight of keen-eyed visitors.

Photo: Taronga Zoo/ Facebook.

“He’s still quite wobbly on his legs, but his head control is very strong and he’s gripping and climbing well,” said Marshall.

Photo: Taronga Zoo/ Facebook.

The adults are starting to let him climb off them briefly, which shows they’re happy with his progress.”

Photo: Taronga Zoo/ Facebook.

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