PHOTO: An enormous bull shark has been caught north of Sydney

Photo: Offshore Fishing NSW/ Facebook.

A massive bull shark — almost twice the size of its fisherman — has been caught off Lake Macquarie, north of Sydney.

A photo of the beast was posted on the Facebook page of Offshore Fishing NSW. It shows the dead shark hanging after “being gut hooked and a huge fight”.

“Just got sent this from Swansea Channel 2 nights ago right off the cleaning tables at Blacksmith a solid Bull Shark…. It ended up dead after being gut hooked and a huge fight …There must be plenty around,” the post reads.

The image stirred a mixed reaction on Facebook, with many angered over the method of the catch as “gut hook” means there was no way to release it.

Since it was shared on Monday afternoon, more than 5,600 people have interacted with the post, 3,500 people have shared it and 3,200 have commented on it.

See it in full here.

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