A Failed Phone Retailer Has Trapped Its Customers In 'Reply-All' Hell

Things just aren’t getting better for troubled British phone retailer Phones 4U. 

First, there was the disastrous news that the company was suddenly shutting down, after it lost all its wireless carrier partners, an announcement that could result in the loss of 6,000 jobs. 

But it was the timing of the shutdown announcement that has caused chaos. See, the news came just before people pre-ordered the iPhone 6. Thinking optimistically, many Phones 4U customers went ahead and purchased their phone through the company anyway, hoping that everything would be OK. But it wasn’t. And now, things have gone from bad to worse. 

Earlier today, Phones 4U attempted to send an email to all of its customers who had pre-ordered the iPhone 6, informing them that it would not be able to refund credit card charges that customers had spotted on their account statements. However, Phones 4U managed to include everybody’s email address in the “To” field.

Sure enough, angry customers started to “Reply-all” to the email, requesting refunds that Phones 4U can’t afford to offer anymore. 

Eventually, Phones 4U tried to make it all go away by sending out another email retracting everything that had been said in the previous message. Except, this email also included all the recipients in the “To” field, meaning that everything kicked off once again.

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