Phone charger sales are going through the roof thanks to Pokemon Go

Photo: Jean Chung/ Getty Images.

Portable mobile phone charger sales on have increased by 243.51% since Pokémon GO launched, the online retailer says.

Can you guess when Pokemon Go launched? Photo: Supplied.

The augmented reality mobile app is known chew through phone batteries, so gamers are buying portable chargers to lengthen their playing time.

Not only have sales sky-rocketed on but the site has also experienced an increase of 321.95% in unit sales.

In correlation with Australian Google searches, “power bank” searches on’s website have increased by 141.68%.

Photo: Supplied.

In response launched a sale of chargers.

Russell Proud, head of products at said the chargers have been popular for a while

“However, the Pokémon GO craze has taken the need for a Power Bank to the next level! We’ve seen over 200% increase in sales since the game launched,” he said.

But one person who doesn’t need one is the company’s founder and CEO Ruslan Kogan, who confesses he’s one of the few who haven’t tried the game.

“I’m too old to understand what’s going on here,” he said.

“The last game I played on my phone was snake.”

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