This Man Claims His iPhone 6 Burned A Hole Through His Pants

Exploding iPhone 6Fox 10Phillip Lechter’s iPhone 6 was burned and bent when he took it out of his pants pocket.

A Phoenix man is claiming his iPhone 6 burned a hole through his pants, causing second-degree burns, according to a FOX 10 report.

Phillip Lechter says he was on a rickshaw with his family when his iPhone hit a bar inside the cart, causing it to bend.

When Lechter got out of the rickshaw, he felt a burning sensation on his leg.

His iPhone was on fire.

Lechter says he thinks the burning was caused by the iPhone’s lithium-ion battery, which bent when the phone hit the rickshaw.

Lechter took his iPhone to a nearby Apple Store where they replaced it on the spot. Lechter is also hoping to hear from Apple’s corporate division, which he would like to pay the medical bills for his burn.

He’s yet to hear from Apple.

We’ve reached out to Apple for comment and will update this post when we hear back.

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