Teenager Who Allegedly Murdered His Teacher At School Faces New Charge Of Aggravated Rape

Philip ChismAPPhilip Chism (right)

A Massachusetts grand jury has brought a new charge against Philip Chism, the teenager who allegedly killed his maths teacher in a high school bathroom last year, The Boston Globe reports.

The teenager has already been charged as an adult with murder and as a “youthful offender” with aggravated rape and armed robbery. He pleaded not guilty. He now faces an another charge of aggravated rape.

Chism was only 14 years old in October when he allegedly killed 24-year-old Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer after she asked him to stay after school one day.

Prosecutors say that Chism followed Ritzer into a school bathroom and attacked her. He allegedly stuffed her into a recycling bin, dragged it out of the school, and dumped her body in the woods. Investigators claim that Ritzer had also been sexually assaulted with an object.

Ritzer was reportedly found with her throat slit, naked from the waist down, according to the Associated Press.

The new charge filed on Friday pertains to additional evidence that Chism also forced Ritzer to have sexual intercourse, according to the Globe.

Prosecutors have not detailed a motive for Ritzer’s murder, but Chism reportedly got upset at school when Ritzer started talking about Tennessee, where Chism had just left after his parents got divorced, The Boston Globe reports.

As his parents were going through the divorce, Chism’s mother reportedly claimed that his father was an abusive alcoholic, according to the AP.

Chism’s peers at Danvers High School told the Globe that Ritzer had been drawing in class, and that she asked him to stay after school to prepare for a test.

Investigators say that the day of the murder, Chism brough a knife, a box cutter, a change of clothes, gloves, and a ski mask to school with him, according to the Globe.

After the alleged murder, Chism reportedly changed his clothes, went to see a movie, and bought Wendy’s using Ritzer’s credit card.

Chism reportedly left a note at the scene of the crime saying “I hate you all.”

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