David Einhorn Offered Regis Philbin A Summer Internship For His Winning Stock Pick

Hedge fund hot-shot David Einhorn offered former television host Regis Philbin a summer internship at Greenlight Capital last night on CNBC’s “Fast Money.”

Einhorn made a surprise phone call into the show to congratulate Philbin on his Micron Technology call, which is one of Einhorn’s big positions.

Philbin was a fan of Micron before Einhorn began to mass his position last July.

“Well, I have an idea for you — You did such a good job finding Micron and it doubled and I thought I thought it was good. And then I thought maybe I could take your advice for the summer, and I was wondering where trying to get some young blood in at Greenlight, some young minds and I was wondering if you want to come intern for the summer.”

“Exactly what I’ve got — Some young blood,” Philbin replied, adding, “I’d love to join you, David. I’m not kidding you.”

Philbin, who is retired and not working, said that he would be in touch. (We hope this actually happens!)

Einhorn said that he’s expecting at least two winning stock picks from Philbin that are going to double.

Einhorn publicly revealed his stake in November the semiconductor producer at the inaugural Robin Hood Investors Conference. Shares of Micron have surged more than 43% since Einhorn made his investment public.

Philbin is out of the Micron trade, but Einhorn says he continues to think that it’s “very cheap.”

Watch below:

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