Philadelphia has taken pole security to the next level after Crisco failed to stop Eagles fans after NFC Championship

  • Philadelphia has taken its fight to keep Eagles fans from climbing poles on Broad Street to the next level by greasing them up with water-resistant hydraulic fluid.
  • The move comes after the poles were greased with Crisco ahead of the NFC Championship, only to still see Eagles fans successfully climb despite their slickness.
  • Should the Eagles take home their first Super Bowl in franchise history, you can be sure that Philadelphia fans will do their best to defy the grease once again.

The city of Philadelphia is once again attempting to deter Eagles fans from climbing on poles after the Eagles play.

Ahead of their NFC Championship matchup against the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia police enlisted the help of “Crisco Cops,” who spent the hours before kickoff greasing up poles with Crisco in an effort to prevent Eagles fans from causing destruction as they took to Broad Street after the game.

The Crisco didn’t work – after the Eagles rout of the Vikings secured them a Super Bowl berth, fans took to the streets to celebrate, and seeing the greased poles as a challenge rather than a deterrent, climbed to their hearts’ content.

Just hours before the Super Bowl, the city of Philadelphia once again attempted to keep fans on the ground level, this time opting for hydraulic fluid to keep their poles slicked.

Only time will tell if their plan works a bit better this time around. But if the Eagles wind up winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history, my money would be on the Philly fans.