Settle Down Everybody, The Eagles Still Stink

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

Photo: AP

The Philadelphia Eagles saved its season with a win over the Washington Redskins yesterday.But the Birds were essentially gifted the game by Rex Grossman’s horrendous performance, and the 20-13 victory was far from convincing.

Here’s why they still stink:

The offence played no better than they did in their losses. Against both the 49ers and Giants the offence moved the ball with ease, settled for field goals, and then disappeared in the second half. That’s exactly what happened yesterday, but the Philly D bailed them out and held a 20-3 halftime lead.

The offence line still couldn’t protect Michael Vick. From the first play of the game on, Vick was pressured. As a result, he had to come out of the game for a brief period due to injury (which he claimed was just “dirt in his face”). In the two plays he missed, backup Vince Young threw an INT deep in his own territory that was (luckily) negated by a Grossman pick on the ensuing drive.

We have no idea if the defence figured something out because Rex Grossman was awful. He was really, really bad. He threw four interceptions, and completed just TWO passes to his wide receivers before being benched in the fourth quarter. He would have made any defence look elite with that dreadful performance. So it’s hard to say if the Eagles defence got better or not.

At 2-4 the Eagles are only two games back of the division-leading Giants, so they largely control their own destiny.

But did they show us anything to make us think they can turn things around? Did they play considerably different/better than they did in their 1-4 stretch to start the season?


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