Phil Mickelson Is An Insanely Good Tipper

There seems to be an endless supply of great Phil Mickelson anecdotes.

On Monday, we got a few more courtesy of a Golf Digest article by Luke Kerr-Dineen about Mickelson’s tipping habits.

By all accounts, Mickelson is the most generous tipper on the PGA Tour. Sure, he made $US53 million last year. But there are plenty are very rich athletes who don’t tip the way Phil does.

Here are the best examples from the Golf Digest article:

  • He handed out an estimated $US10,000 in tips to the course staff at the 2006 U.S. Open.
  • He forgot to tip the locker room staff at a tournament in 2008, so he went back and gave them $US1,500.
  • He’ll hand out $US300 tips to hostesses at restaurants, even if there’s no wait.

The implication is that he walks around with $US100 bills for the sole purpose of tipping, although he was caught without his wallet at the Masters and had to borrow a dollar from his caddie in order to pay off a bet with a fan.

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