Phil Mickelson Played An Amazing Shot From A Hospitality Area At The Barclays

On the short, 290-yard par-4 fifth hole at The Barclays, Phil Mickelson tried to get tricky with a driver, hoping to loft the ball up into the air so that it would land softly on the green. Unfortunately for Mickelson, a cart path and a hospitality area got in the way.

The shot looked bad right from the start, with Phil yelling “fore.” The ball hit a cart path and bounced up on to a staging area to the left of the green where it appears VIPs were enjoying some afternoon beverages.

Here is an overhead view of where the ball landed. Most golfers wouldn’t even think about playing this shot. Phil is not most golfers.

Even before seeing where the ball was, the fans let Phil know that it was in a playable spot. This seemed to please Mickelson as well as the announcers.

As Mickelson made his way up to the area, he received a thunderous roar and politely decline several beers that were offered.

Phil inspected the ball for a few moments and then decided he was indeed going to play the ball off the AstroTurf-like floor. The crowd roared again.

At this point a few tables were moved and Mickelson even helped move some chairs.

And here was the view from where the ball was located. The ball certainly had a better lie here than if Mickelson were to drop elsewhere.

Unfortunately, there was no happy ending for Mickelson and his ball.

Using an extreme-lofted wedge, Mickelson caught a little too much of the ball and it sailed over the green and into a bunker.

But never one to get down too much after a bad shot, Mickelson was still all smiles and even asked a young fan for a fist-bump on the way down to the green.

Phil would go on to bogey the hole. But the fans were not disappointed. Here is one more angle of the shot by the ever-daring Mickelson.

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