By Blocking Kings’ Move To Seattle, The NBA Also Blocked Phil Jackson’s Return To The League

Phil Jackson - 2010

It seems like every team in the NBA wants Phil Jackson.

The ownership group in Seattle would have landed Jackson if the NBA would have approved the Sacramento Kings’ move.

Jackson appeared on “The Dan Patrick Show” Tuesday to promote his new book, “Eleven Rings” when he was asked about potentially joining Chris Hansen’s group in Seattle.

“I had an agreement with [Hansen],” said Jackson. “He made, basically, the offer of ‘take what you want to take as a job, a consultant, if you want to be a part-owner, be an owner, work on the basketball operations side of it if you want to, or coach.'”

But when asked, Jackson confirmed that he is done coaching and that he had turned down an offer to coach the Nets.

Jackson added that he “could buy into” the vision that Hansen presented and that he did everything right “except win the franchise.”

The NBA has said they still want to have a team in Seattle. It will be interesting to see if Jackson is still available when that happens.