Phil Jackson Says Miami Heat Coach Is In Danger Of Being Replaced

Erik Spoelstra Miami Heat

Photo: AP

Even before the season started, it was speculated that the Miami coach Erik Spoelstra could be forced out in favour of team president (and seven-time champion) Pat Riley.Now that the Heat are stumbling along with six losses already, those rumblings will only grow louder.

Even Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson can see the writing on the wall, spelling out the scenario for Spoelstra’s demise during a radio interview today:

“The scenario that sits kind of behind the scene, is that eventually these guys that were recruited — Bosh and James — by Pat Riley and Mickey Arrison, the owner, are going to come in and say, ‘We feel you [Riley] can do a better job coaching the team’ … That’s kind of my take on it, is that eventually if things don’t straighten out here soon, it could be the Van Gundy thing all over again.”

In 2006, Riley replaced coach Stan Van Gundy (the man who replaced Riley the first time he retired) in mid-season and the Heat went on to win their first NBA Championship.

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