Phil Jackson Is Suspicious About The NBA's Intentions For The New Orleans Hornets

phil jackson los angeles lakers nba

Photo: AP

Phil Jackson isn’t shy about making his opinions known on the various goings-on in the NBA, and he’s already drawn attention this year for saying the Miami Heat might need a coaching change and that the NBA shouldn’t hold games on Christmas.His latest critique of the league is regarding its current ownership of the New Orleans Hornets.  Jackson specifically questioned how the league would decide how and when to trade Chris Paul.  Phil thinks the situation could get messy because, “someone’s going to have to make a very nonjudgmental decision on that part that’s not going to irritate anyone else in the league.”

Phil also thinks that the Hornets might be destined for a move from New Orleans, and wonders how the league will determine their new home.

The Zen-master is always brooding.

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