Completely Disregard All The Silly 'Phil Jackson To The Knicks' rumours

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Photo: AP

News broke that Mike D’Antoni quit as head coach of the New York Knicks after he could no longer deal with all the Melodrama.The Knicks will go with assistant Mike Woodson as interim coach to ride out the season in hopes of a playoff run.

But who will replace D’Antoni next season?

Two names that will be speculated: former Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan and the legendary Phil Jackson.

Sloan would be interested in coaching the Knicks, according to a source who spoke with Sam Amick of

As for Phil Jackson making his return to MSG as a coach, it’s not happening. Ever.

Jackson is 66-years-old, happily-retired, and already has 11 championship rings. The last thing he wants to do is come into a tumultuous situation with a star in Carmelo Anthony who already caused enough problems to get one coach out of town.

Even if he said not too long ago that New York is “special,” he’s not coming on a white horse to save downtrodden Knicks fans. It’s simply not worth Jackson’s time.

He went to Los Angeles after leaving Chicago because the foundation for multiple championship runs was already there. Jackson then came back a second time because both he and Kobe knew they could only win more championships together, not apart.

New York’s situation is entirely different.

The offence is a mess and doesn’t have the kind of personnel needed to run Jackson’s famous triangle offence. Despite the amount of talent on the team, the contracts are so bloated and some personalities (Carmelo) so toxic that few if any teams would be willing to trade with the Knicks for players that would better fit a Phil Jackson-run team.

In far simpler terms: Phil Jackson is NOT going to coach the New York Knicks.

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