Hedge Funder Phil Falcone And His Wife Lisa Have An Amazing House Of Horrors

Falcone halloween decorations

Photo: Julia La Roche for Business Insider

Billionaire hedge fund manager Phil Falcone, the founder of Harbinger Capital, and his wife Lisa Maria, have turned their Upper East Side palatial home into an incredible house of horrors. The Falcones bought the 27-room mansion, which is just steps away from Central Park, for $49 million in 2008, according to a Bloomberg News report.

We ran into Lisa Maria, who is the mother of twin daughters, while she was decorating the building’s exterior on Monday afternoon.  

She declined to comment for this article, but one thing is for sure — She’s really into decorating for Halloween.

We’ve included some photos of the Falcones’ masterpiece in the slides that follow. 

[Hat Tip: NYTimes]

Even though the Falcones' home is currently undergoing renovations, it's still being decorated on the exterior for the upcoming holiday.

Source: NYTimes

We spotted Lisa Maria directing the decorating. She's the one pictured in the middle.

Some workers situate fake skeletons on the balcony.

This gargoyle that blows smoke out of its mouth is awesome.

Check it out in action...

This entrance has a massive skeleton coming out of it.

That's creepy!

The Siamese twin ghouls were cute.

This witch actually moves.

Another creepy monster on the building's facade.

'Beware!! Enter At Your Own Risk!!'

Here's what it all looks like from across the street. It was still a work in progress when we checked it out.

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