Phil Falcone Loves Hockey

philip falcone harbinger

Phil Falcone has turned Harbinger into a sort of off-the-ice hockey annex.

“I think the dream come true would be to be out there playing,” he told Forbes. “But things work out in different ways.”

Benched permanently from a leg injury while playing for the Swedish team Malmo, Falcone can’t play anymore.

So the billionaire hedge funder hired a full team of hockey players to his fund – five guys. Falcone is number six, the same number of hockey players each team has on the ice at a time.

The obsession does not stop there. He names conference rooms after NHL teams.

“The conference room is Blackhawk after the Chicago Blackhawks. My office is The Wild.”

To name his two latest funds, of course he chose Breakaway (like a hockey player has a breakaway) and Blue Line (the line between the centre line and the goal on the ice).

No wonder he has the hockey haircut.

Read more at Forbes.

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