Michigan Law Students Create The Most Ridiculous Hazing Ritual We've Seen Yet

When you think law school, you don’t necessarily think of hazing and frat houses.

Unless you’re in Michigan that is.

Above The Law has a hilarious expose of the Phi Delta Phi frat at the University of Michigan Law School that apparently values very organised hazing.

Check out the email a tipster sent ATL, claiming the “law school frat is kind of out of control”:

michigan law hazing email

Photo: via Above The Law

As ATL points out, “if you’re going to be hazing your pledges, you should know better than to leave a paper trail — especially when it sounds like you’re planning on drowning your newest members.”

It also costs $75 to join Phi Delta Phi.

Belonging to a family of sorts in college, at any level, is fun and an important part of the process, but given the state of Michigan’s less-than-stellar bar exam results, these students might want to focus more on their studies and less on stereotypical hazing rituals.

Head over to ATL for their full, and entertaining, analysis of Michigan Law’s latest antics >

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