Phew. GTA Doesn't Turn Children Into Murderers

Reuters today reports about a new book by two Harvard researchers, which says that there there is no causation between video game playing and aggressive behaviour, but says there is correlation between the two.

What’s that mean? As Reuters put its: “Playing video games does not turn children into deranged, blood-thirsty super-killers.” The Harvard guys are a little less snappy: They just opine that some video game players get in fights and some don’t.

Our take: We also believe that playing Grand Theft Auto won’t turn you into a car jacker or hooker-killer.

But what about a stoner, or a fatso? We’ve heard — from second-hand sources, mind you — that there is indeed both correlation and causality between drug use and video games. Or we think that’s what we heard. Our short-term memory isn’t that sharp these days.

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