This Is The World's First 24-Hour Music Video

Musical artist Pharrell just released the music video for his new song “Happy”. The video is being dubbed as the world’s “first 24-hour music video”.

When you visit, you can literally listen to the song for 24 hours against a full day of video footage. The video encourages you to share specific moments of the video on Facebook or Twitter.

As Emma Carmichael of
The Hairpinpointed out on Twitter (where we heard about the video):

She’s referring to the “Like A Rolling Stone” interactive video that premiered earlier this week. By encouraging viewers to interact with the content, both break the traditional music video mould.

Odd Future, Magic Johnson, Steve Carrell and Jamie Foxx all make cameos in “Happy”.

You can watch and experience the video here (if you have a full day on your hands). Remember, you can skip around and watch the video at any time of day, by clicking on the clock.

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