Pharrell Williams and David Guetta help take Aussie-born startup Linktree to 3 million user milestone

Pharrell onstage in Virginia Beach City. (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for Something in the Water)
  • Australian-founded social media startup Linktree has attracted 3 million users in three years and claims it is on a growth trajectory rivalling unicorns Atlassian, Airtasker and Canva.
  • Attracting prominent celebrities, influencers and brands has been a key part of Linktree’s growth strategy, with music moguls Pharell Williams and David Guetta and motivational speaker Tony Robbins among the latest users added.
  • The company is looking beyond its traditional playing ground of Instagram as the social media profile linking market becomes more competitive.

Reaching 3 million users in a three-year period is an achievement for any ambitious tech startup — but for Australian-founded social media tool Linktree, the identity of those users is just as important as their large number.

Linktree, which allows Instagram users to collate all their online content in a single landing page, has amassed a user base including some of the world’s most influential celebrities and brands. It started as a solution to the ‘link in bio’ problem on Instagram, whereby the Facebook-owned app restricts hyperlinks to third party websites except in one location on a user’s profile page.

Jamie Oliver uses the tool to simultaneously sell his latest book on Amazon, raise the profile of his Vegepedia initiative and drive traffic to his personal website, while US music festival Coachella collates its maps, bus timetable, playlists, shop and sponsor links all on the one Linktree landing page. Red Bull uses it to links followers out to all manner of wings-related content.

screenshot: @jamieoliver Instagram.

And, according to Melbourne-based co-founder Alex Zaccaria, big names like music moguls Pharrell Williams and David Guetta and motivational speaker Tony Robbins signed up to the tool in just the last week.

Since it provides a service that celebrities themselves require — perhaps much more so than individual social media users — the recruitment of these big names as users provides a free marketing kick that other three-year-old companies could only dream of.

Alicia Keys’ Linktree page, for example, features heavily in Linktree promotional material — which is no doubt a much cheaper advertising strategy than hiring the musician for an in-person shoot.


But while the indirect celeb endorsements are no doubt welcome, Linktree reckons it has a much broader appeal than just the A-list.

“Like Airbnb and Slack before them, Linktree created a tool that social users didn’t even know they needed, and subsequently pioneered a whole new category of social technology,” the company said in a statement.

“While many have been fast to follow, eyeing the pie of billions of social media users worldwide, being first to market and having a sophisticated product has enabled Linktree to maintain 88% market share in the space.”

And though it started as a solution to the ‘link in bio’ problem, the company claims it is now firmly multi-platform.

“Today, approximately 40% of Linktree’s global user base comes from outside of Instagram, with the tool used across social platforms such as YouTube and Twitch and even in place of the likes of website tools Squarespace or Wix,” the statement said.

That’s probably a good thing for Linktree, since the Instagram ‘link in bio’ solutions market it helped pioneer is getting increasingly crowded.

The AngelList-owned website Product Hunt lists no fewer than 18 “alternative products to Linktree”, with names like Hype Link, LinkPot and Linkie. And a number of them such as Swipop, IGBIO and PeckApp have higher user-generated star ratings than Linktree itself. There’s also the popular and LikeShop.

But the co-founders — Zaccaria and his brother Anthony as well as creative director Nick Humphreys — seem undeterred by the ever-emerging challengers.

Linktree says it is on a growth trajectory rivalling that of Australian-born unicorns Atlassian, Airtasker and Canva, and that it is “really just getting started”.

The future-focused entrepreneurs have just launched a Sydney office and US-based employee as Linktree moves from what it says has been a “side hustle” until now to a mature global tech company, the statement announced.

If 3 million users in three years is a side-hustle, we’ll be following the full-time Linktree pretty closely.

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