Are "Experts" Who Worked For Broadcom and Sierra Wireless Next On The FBI's Insider-Trading Hit List?

don chu

Photo: AP

Before he was arrested on Wednesday, Don Chu had a long chat with the FBI in which he claimed that PGR consultants had shared non-public information on their companies, the WSJ reports.So we emailed PGR to ask if it had severed relations with anyone besides Chu yet.

Specifically, consultants who worked for Broadcom and Sierra Wireless, who both allegedly worked in some capacity for PGR (we don’t know if they were compensated or not) and who allegedly gave out inside information, according to Chu’s FBI statement.

We wrote:


Has PGR severed ties with other[s] now beyond Don Chu – because he told the FBI that a Broadcom Corp. employee and a Sierra WirelessInc. employee, who both acted as consultants for PGR, gave out nonpublic revenue information for their companies? So i assume they would also now be persona non grata with the firm?

Their response:

Good morning Katya. Thank you for your note. We have no comment.

So right now the question is: Was the Chu situation a one-off?

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