PGA Tour To Allow Fans To Use Cell Phones On The Course... IF They Behave

pebble beach golf

The PGA Tour has announced that a long time ban on cell phone use in the gallery will be lifted for the Honda Classic on March 3-6.

Fans will be allowed to make phone calls from designated areas on the course, as well as tweeting and texting — as long as phones remain silent and are not used near the ropes or golfers. Pictures and video will still be prohibited during play.

The tour says they tested the program at tournaments last year and found that golf fans — notorious sticklers for the rules — were generally well-behaved and not distracting.

So as long as fans at the Honda Classic don’t ruin it for everyone else, expect to see more on-the-course tweets and status updates in the future. (But never at Augusta. The Masters officials would faint at the idea.)

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