P&G Made An Awesome Sequel To Its Tearjerker 'Thank You, Mum' Ad From The 2012 Olympics

Olympic athletes not only represent their countries — they also represent their families.

Last year, consumer goods giant P&G saw the potential in this idea, and created the “Thank You, Mum” campaign for the 2012 London Olympics. The commercial “Best Job” offered a poignant look at how the mothers of Olympic athletes assisted their children every step of the way from childhood to greatness. It became a hit among consumers and critics alike.

The ad agency Wieden + Kennedy produced the commercial, and has released a sequel for February’s Sochi Winter Olympics.

Incredible balance is a common trait among every winter Olympian, whether their sport is skiing, snowboarding, skating, or hockey. “Pick Them Back Up” shows how the mums of athletes like gold medalists Lindsey Vonn and Evan Lysacek were always there to do just that:

As part of the campaign, P&G is sending $US1,000 Visa gift cards to each of the 357 Olympic athletes’ mums, intended to help them travel to Sochi.

Last year’s “Best Job” ad won the Emmy for Best Primetime Commercial, as well as two Gold Lions and three Silver Lions at Cannes.

Here it is:

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