Pfizer's Internal Emails Reveal It Fudged Info About Its Blockbuster Painkiller

ian read pfizerPfizer CEO Ian Read

Recently released internal emails reveal that Pfizer Inc.’s employees misled consumers about dangers tied to its hugely popular arthritis drug Celebrex, the New York Times reported this weekend.In one internal email, a Pfizer research director reportedly seemed giddy when a major medical conference unveiled a study finding Celebrex was easier on the stomach than other drugs, according to the New York Times.

“They swallowed our story hook, line, and sinker,” the research director reportedly wrote.

In reality, the study only looked favourable to Pfizer because just half of it was presented, the Times reported.

The emails were part of thousands of documents recently unsealed as part of a class action accusing Pfizer of defrauding its investors.

Many of the documents supposedly revealed the lengths to which Pfizer went to ease public anxiety surrounding Celebrex, which had been linked to heart attacks, the Times reported.

In another email, a Pfizer employee reportedly said the company would “attack the trial design” if it did not get favourable results in a clinical study.

A Pfizer spokesperson told the Times that the documents “handpicked” by the paper didn’t fairly reflect the evidence in the case.

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