21 Examples Of Peyton Manning's Insane Competitiveness

Peyton Manning is one of the most likable athletes in professional sports so it is easy to overlook how insanely competitive he is both on and off the field.

It’s that competitiveness that led to him being named Sports Illustrated’s “Sportsman of the Year” despite being 37 years old.

The intense anecdotes include cursing out opposing coaches, his sneaky first quarterbacks meeting in college, and picking the brain of his biggest rival.

Even when he gets a day off from practice to rest his ankle he still wears a helmet to listen to play calls and watches game film in the ice tub.

He once showed up to the Colts practice facility at 4:00 am after a night game because he wanted to get work in before an 8:30 am charity engagement.

Outside of missing the 2011 season, Manning never misses a game.

Not only does he never miss a game, but he rarely even takes a play off, even in blowouts.

During Peyton's first quarterbacks meeting as a freshman at Tennessee, the other quarterbacks were an hour late because Manning locked the doors to the building.

To prove he could still play after the neck surgeries, he had some then-Colts teammates fly to Duke University and they replayed every play from the 2009 AFC Championship Game win over the Jets.

Manning has become good friends with Tom Brady and the two stars constantly pick each other's brains on how to beat other teams.

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He is a stickler for details. According to his former coach, Tony Dungy, if Peyton says he is going to do something at a specific time, 'you can set your satellite by it.'

Despite a friendly personality, he is not afraid to get in the face of a teammate, even Jeff Saturday, one of his good friends.

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He asked networks to turn down the volume on field mics so that it wouldn't be so easy for people watching TV to hear his signals.

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via Peyton Manning on 'The Dan Patrick Show'

After throwing 4 touchdowns in a cold weather game, Peyton addressed the critics of his cold-weather play by saying 'Whoever wrote that narrative can shove that one where the sun don't shine.'

He overcame four neck surgeries late in his career and instead of retiring, he came back to have two of the best seasons of his career.

Adjusted Yards per Attempt is just Yards per Attempt adjusted for interceptions thrown.

Data via Pro-Football-Reference.com

When the Broncos play on Sunday Night Football, Peyton will watch the NBC broadcast to see if Tony Dungy gave away any signals and then Peyton will change those signals.

via Peyton Manning on 'The Dan Patrick Show'

Before signing with the Broncos, Peyton asked for a media guide because he wanted to be able to recognise and know about not only potential teammates but also Broncos employees.

Even after wins, he is always intense when he has his uniform on as demonstrated by the death stare he recently directed at the owner of the Broncos.

Peyton cursed out Tampa Bay Bucs coach Greg Schiano after he rushed the Broncos on a kneel-down play.

Peyton Manning

Michael Bennett via Mike Silver of NFL.com:

'Peyton cussed him out. And I ain't never heard Peyton cuss.'

When he runs a bootleg he won't even tell his teammates because he doesn't want their actions to give away the play to the defence.

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He hates to alter his routine so much that he will make the media wait following a Monday Night Football game so that he can keep his regular Monday evening date with a cold tub

Even competition between the Manning brothers was designed to make the other brother better

Eli Manning on being tortured by Peyton (via Boston.com):

'...his most popular move, he would pin me down and take his knuckles and knock on my chest and make me name the 12 schools in the SEC(Southeastern Conference),' Manning said.

After his senior year of high school he took the captains for the next season out to eat and explained to them the importance of being leaders.

He is driven to be the best at everything, and is considered by many to be the best sports host 'Saturday Night Live' ever had.

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