Peyton Manning Wears The Perfect Peyton Manning Outfit

The Peyton Manning-as-Dad meme really burst into life this year as veteran quarterback, looking all of his 37 years, dismantled defenses while carrying himself like a perfectly competent accountant.

He is a generation removed from the rest of the guys on the field — something that has made him even more likeable.

Today at his press conference, he wore the perfect Peyton Manning outfit: his Broncos jersey tucked into his high-waisted sweatpants, with his fresh white Reeboks in full view.

It brings to mind this great paragraph on Manning, the dad from Grantland’s Brian Phillips:

“At this stage in his late career, really for the whole season-plus he’s been with Denver, Manning makes being a midlevel IT manager look like a form of ruthless conquest. It’s as if he wrote a script to install automatic PC updates, and somehow it made him the god-emperor of hell. This is how he plays football: He goes out every week with a graphing calculator and a stack of forms, and he just audits teams to death.”

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