The Endless Twists In The Peyton Manning Saga Are Getting Very Annoying

Peyton Manning press conference leaving Colts

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When the Indianapolis Colts released Peyton Manning last week the list of teams interested in the free agent quarterback was said to number 12.After long visits to Denver and Arizona, the Broncos and Cardinals were looking like the favourites to land him.

Denver was even so sure, a report stated their confidence at signing Peyton was 95 per cent.

With that news it looked like Miami was going to be out of the running and no other teams had a shot.

Great! Peyton Manning rumours will settle down soon. He won’t make any more visits. He’ll sign within the week and we can focus on how well his new team will do with him under centre.

Well, not exactly.

Manning met with Dolphins brass in Indianapolis Monday night for what was later called a “good meeting.” The Tennessee Titans and their desperate owner Bud Adams are scheduled to meet with him Wednesday.

So Peyton’s list is now set with those FOUR teams, according to the Denver Post.

But ESPN’s Chris Mortensen has been told Manning hasn’t “closed the door on possibly meeting with other teams.”


There are rumours the Houston Texans and San Francisco 49ers remain interested, although they have denied it publicly. And if Mortensen’s sources are correct, there’s really nothing to keep either team from calling Peyton and seeing if a meeting could be scheduled.

Keep in mind, his list was said to be at two just a few days ago and Tennessee supposedly had no shot.

Now things have changed completely.

Although every report keeps saying Peyton will make a decision soon, it seems less likely as the days go by.

We’re both surprised and growing old of Manning just saying, “sure, why the hell not?” whenever a new team calls.

It’s not like he’s LeBron James who wasn’t recruited out of high school and enjoyed being wooed a few summers ago.

Peyton, you’re going to get big time money wherever you go. They’ll cater the offence around you and bring in the necessary complimentary parts. And they’ll do it all with no more than a poorly-shot video as evidence that you can actually throw and be ready to go this fall.

Please, do yourself a favour and pick a team soon. Stop toying with the rest of the league. The longer you drag this on, the likelier all that goodwill you built up with your heartfelt exit from Indy will disappear and turn into Brett Favre comparisons.