Peyton Manning Fakes Out The Cameraman And The Entire Cowboys Defence On A Touchdown

Peyton manning td

Peyton Manning is having
perhaps the greatest season we’ve ever seenfrom an NFL quarterback.

He’s leading the league in yards, touchdowns, completion percentage, completions, quarterback rating, and yards per attempt. He has only thrown one interception.

He has achieved such a high level of mastery that it doesn’t matter that he’s the slowest quarterback in the league and doesn’t have the arm strength he used to.

It’s almost unfair that he can whip out a naked bootleg from his bag of tricks, like he did today in Dallas.

In the final seconds of the first half against the Cowboys, he faked a dive up the middle — hoodwinking the entire Dallas defence as well as the CBS camera person — before strolling to to the endzone himself.

The fake:

Peyton manning fake

That’s as fast as he can move, which is fine because he’s Peyton Manning:

Peyton fake