Report: San Francisco 49ers Are Mystery Team In Peyton Manning Sweepstakes

Peyton Manning San Francisco 49ers

Photo: AP Images

There is a third team in the Peyton Manning race, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN. Mort tweeted:Filed to ESPN: Third team in Manning race that has emerged is 49ers – Manning worked out for Harbaugh & took physical this week

ESPN’s Adam Schefter even says Peyton’s 49ers workout included a physical. 49ers met Manning at Duke.

Earlier today it seemed almost certain that Peyton had narrowed it down to just the Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans.

Keep in mind, prior to Mort’s report Mike Freeman of CBS Sports said his sources were telling him two mystery teams were also in the running.

Mort does add the caveat that Manning has yet to visit 49ers headquarters, however.

Now that we know San Francisco is one of the mystery teams, it’s only a matter of time before we find out about the other one.

This gives even more credence to our feeling that ALL this Peyton Manning stuff is getting real annoying real quick.

Stay tuned.

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