Peyton Manning was reportedly asked to join a bid to buy the Carolina Panthers and is said to be considering it

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  • Peyton Manning has been offered a chance to join one of the groups bidding to buy the Carolina Panthers and is reportedly considering it.
  • An earlier report had indicated that Manning, who has turned down several high-paying broadcasting jobs, was interested in some sort of ownership or front office role with an NFL team.
  • The Panthers are still up for sale after former owner Jerry Richardson announced he was selling the team following allegations of workplace harassment and misconduct by Richardson.

The Carolina Panthers are still up for sale, and one bid could involve former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, according to a report from Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer.

Person reported that Ben Navarro, a Charlestown-area billionaire who is bidding for the team, reached out to Manning about joining the possible ownership group.

According to Person, two sources said Manning is considering the offer.

Earlier this year, Michael McCarthy of the Sporting News reported that Manning was offered a number of lucrative broadcasting jobs, but was interested in an ownership or management role on a team.

However, Person’s report did not specify how much, if any, authority Manning would end up having over football operations.

Other notable retired athletes to become owners in their former ports leagues include Derek Jeter, who owns a small stake in the Miami Marlins and runs the teams baseball operations, and Michael Jordan, who owns the Charlotte Hornets. John Elway does not own any stake in the Denver Broncos, but as the team’s GM helped lead the franchise – including Manning – to a Super Bowl victory over the Panthers in 2016.

The Panthers went up for sale following a report detailing alleged widespread workplace harassment and misconduct by the team’s former owner Jerry Richardson.

According to Person, there are four known bidders for the Panthers.

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