Peyton Manning joked about his most dubious NFL record during his retirement press conference — and how he hopes somebody breaks it

Peyton manning

Peyton Manning held his retirement press conference on Monday.

He was obviously emotional, but he was also thankful and respectful in discussing his career accomplishments, those who helped him, and his future after football.

While it was generally a heavy-hearted affair, Peyton did have time to make a quick joke about his most dubious record in the NFL — his rookie record for interceptions in a season.

As a rookie in 1998, Manning threw 28 interceptions, a record that still stands today.

“I set the NFL rookie record [for] interceptions — a record that I still hold today,” Manning began.

“Every year, I pull for a rookie quarterback to break that record. Andrew Luck, Matthew Stafford, Eli Manning, Cam Newton. I still kid Eli that he would have broken it if he had started all 16 games.”

The jab earned a chuckle from those in attendance, but he may not have been totally joking. In 2014, he made a similar comment about hoping another rookie quarterback throws at least 29 interceptions to take his name off the record books.

Watch the bit below:

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