REMINDER: We Aren’t Entirely Sure If Peyton Manning Can Physically Play Football Anymore

Peyton Manning

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Can Peyton Manning play football?It’s sort of amazing that we can’t confidently answer that question even though Manning just agreed to sign with Denver in a move that sent shock waves (Tebowaves?) through the league.

Since he became a free agent, all indications are that he has recovered from his neck injury. His dad Archie told USA Today that he’s throwing like the old Peyton. Vague rumours of him holding throwing sessions in both North Carolina and Denver hit the internet. And the Broncos viewed a 15-minute iPad video of Manning throwing, which was apparently grounds for giving him tens of million of dollars in guaranteed money.

But the bottom line is that we haven’t seen solid evidence that he’ll be OK physically. As early as mid-February,’s Michael Lombardi was reporting that Peyton was still injured and couldn’t “throw the ball to his left” yet.

Everyone seems to think Manning will be back to normal by next season, and that very well might be the case. But it’s far from a certainty right now.