Peyton Manning Doesn't Want People Putting Up Billboards Begging Him To Come Play For Their Teams

Peyton Manning billboard

Photo: AP Images

With Peyton Manning in the midst of what may be the biggest free agency courtship in the history of the NFL, several cities have seen billboards pop up essentially begging Manning to sign with their NFL team.Well, Manning is not impressed and would like to see the billboards taken down.

According to ESPN, Manning’s people recently sent the proprietor of the billboard seen at right a cease-and-desist order to have it taken down.

For his part, Chuck Madler, the Operations Manager for R&S Mattress was a good sport about saying they are Cardinals fans that “just want Peyton Manning to come to town,” and that they understood the representatives are just trying to protect Manning’s interests.

Check the link below to see other examples of Manning billboards in other cities.

This one is for a website hoping to lure Manning to the Dolphins

This one in Denver asks fans to vote for who should be the Broncos quarterback

And this one wants Manning to join the Titans in the same state where he played college football

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