Watch Peyton and Eli Manning make two starstruck kids sweat for Gatorade

Eli and Payton ManningGatorade / YouTubePayton and Eli Manning make unsuspecting teens sweat for Gatorade in new commercial.

Gatorade has a new message: Sweat or stay thirsty and mildly embarrassed.

Football legends Eli and Payton Manning made two starstruck kids do high-knees and the running man for a new Gatorade commercial, and it’s pretty hilarious.

The Manning brothers have been featured in a number of commercials, including Eli Manning’s ads for DirecTV. Like their previous features, their newest Gatorade spot did not disappoint.

In the clip, the Mannings reinforce the sports drink’s new slogan, “Sweat It to Get It,” by acting as undercover coaches in a school lounge. When two young teens enter the lounge and try and buy something from the Gatorade vending machine, the Mannings appear behind them and let them know it won’t be that easy.

“Now play patty-cake,” Eli Manning calls out to the sweating teens.

Houston Texans Defensive end J.J. Watt also promoted Gatorade’s “Sweat It to Get It” campaign in his own commercial. Watt appears in a college student union while a student attempts to buy a drink from the Gatorade vending machine. But instead of making the prospective customer work for his sports drink, Watt does all the heavy lifting and throws the entire vending machine on his back and walks away.

Check out the videos below:

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