YouTuber PewDiePie got married to his longtime girlfriend — see the photos from their wedding day

PewDiePie — whose real name is Felix Kjellberg — and his wife, Marzia, both shared photos from their wedding to this Instagram accounts on Tuesday.

Marzia Kjellberg wrote on her Instagram that the wedding date, August 19, was exactly eight years after the couple first met.

Source: Marzia Kjellberg on Instagram

PewDiePie proposed to Marzia Bisognin in April 2018 while the couple was on holiday in Japan. They currently live in Brighton, a seaside city in the United Kingdom, and have two dogs: pugs named Edgar and Maya.

Source: Insider

The wedding was a small, intimate affair with “our closest friends and family” in attendance, Marzia Kjellberg wrote on Instagram. Some of the guests included YouTubers JackSepticEye, GirlGamerGab, KickthePJ, and Boyinaband.

Source: Marzia Kjellberg on Instagram

The couple didn’t share where the wedding took place, but photos suggest the location is a glass greenhouse, called the Temperate House, located at London’s Kew botanical gardens.

Source: Kew Gardens

A UK jeweller estimated to Metro that the wedding cost around 75,000 GBP (nearly $US92,000).

Source: Metro

Marzia Kjellberg’s blush-coloured wedding dress was made by a couture designer named Joanne Fleming, who Kjellberg thanked on Instagram for “bringing my vision to life.”

Sources: Jo Fleming Design on Instagram, Marzia Kjellberg on Instagram

Additionally, embroidery on the dress’ train was done by a British artist named Susan Kennewell. The process for the dress took “months,” Kjellberg wrote on Instagram, but said the final result was her “dream dress.”

Sources: Jo Fleming Design on Instagram, Marzia Kjellberg on Instagram

The bride changed into another dress for the wedding reception. Kjellberg also shouted out designer Beauté Comme Toi for “gifting me this lovely dress to dance in.”

Source: Marzia Kjellberg on Instagram

“Our wedding day was the best day ever!” PewDiePie wrote on Instagram. “Really couldn’t have asked for a better wedding. Everything was perfect and I’m just so happy.”

Source: PewDiePie on Instagram

The wedding ended with a midnight send-off of the Kjellbergs, with guests and the couple lighting sparklers. Marzia Kjellberg said the moment was “magical.”

Source: Marzia Kjellberg on Instagram

See below for a teaser snippet of the video shot at the wedding, which PewDiePie posted to his Instagram on Wednesday.

Source: PewDiePie on Instagram

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