One of the world's biggest YouTubers is wading into the platform's beauty war: PewDiePie says Tati Westbrook seems 'manipulative' in James Charles takedown

Taylor Hill/Getty Images and PewDiePie/Tati/YouTubePewPie has shared his thought on the James Charles and Tati drama.
  • YouTuber Felix Kjellberg, otherwise known as PewDiePie, made a video about the drama between James Charles and Tati Westbrook.
  • Kjellberg thinks Charles’ advertisement for a competing vitamin company seems like “an oversight,” and calls out Westbrook for not addressing it privately.
  • He also claims that Westbrook’s video seems like “an ad.”
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The beauty YouTube community experienced one of its biggest controversies of the year when Tati Westbrook ended her friendship with James Charles in a 43 minute video titled, “Bye Sister.”

In the video posted on Friday, Westbrook called James a “bad role model” and accused him of “manipulating someone’s sexuality” by making advances towards straight men. The friendship took a turn when Charles posted an advertisement for Sugar Bear Hair vitamins, which is a major competitor to Westbrook’s supplement company, Halo Beauty.

Beauty titan Jeffree Star recently tweeted his support for Westbrook, and now one of the world’s most subscribed YouTubers Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, says in his latest video that Westbrook seems “manipulative.”

Kjellberg points out that Charles took to his Instagram story to apologise after he posted an Instagram video supporting Sugar Bear Vitamins. He also points out that Charles promoted the brand’s sleep vitamins, which Westbrook’s brand currently doesn’t offer.

“Seems to me like this was an oversight,” Kjellberg said in the video. “It doesn’t seem impossible that this was a mistake.”

He goes on to clarify that he’s not defending Charles, yet also adds, “I don’t think what Tati did is that justified.”

He also says that he feels the way she talks about her own brand feels like “an ad,” and mentions Westbrook’s age compared to Charles’.

“It’s worth noting here that Tati is 37 years old,” he said. “James Charles is still a teenager. Yes, he’s 19. Yes, that doesn’t excuse his behaviour. But for a mother figure to completely drag this kid … no one has a problem with this?”

Kjellberg also goes on to say that he thinks the two of them could have resolved the situation in private.

“I can’t imagine just making a video publicly dragging someone instead of talking to them,” Kjellberg said.

Kjellberg briefly addresses the accusations of Charles manipulating straight men by wondering if Westbrook would have been fine with that behaviour had he not posted the advertisement for Sugar Bear.

“It feels very manipulative,” he said in the video. “She’s putting herself on a pedestal, while she clearly was completely fine not outing this behaviour about James Charles essentially abusing people’s sexuality, and as long as James Charles would have instead promoted her vitamins, she would have been fine with it. She would not have made this video.”

Kjellberg is no stranger to a few YouTube controversies of his own. In February 2017, YouTube cancelled his YouTube Red due to videos featuring Nazi references and anti-Semitic comments, and in September 2017, he used a racial slur during a live Twitch stream.

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