POLL: Here's What The World Really Thinks About Obama, America & China

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Photo: Pew Global Attitudes Project

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.Between the US and China, you probably know which is which.

Recently there has been a polar shift in global opinion about who will dominate the century. According to Pew’s Global Attitudes Project, the number of people who think China has replaced the US already or soon will surpassed those that say it will never happen. Western Europeans are the most pessimistic about America’s future. 

Chinese are the least convinced that their country is already the world superpower, but they are the most certain that they will beat the US one day

The Japanese are the biggest fans of the US. They like America more than Americans!

Good feelings about China are rising in most countries, and America is slipping

Western Europeans increasingly name China as the world's leading economy. 72% of French respondents said that China either has or will surpass the US

People in most countries see China's military growth as a bad thing, and some have negative feelings about their economic growth. Notice how Pakistan gives China good marks consistently

Majorities in most countries polled say the US cares for their country's interests. Notable exceptions are in the Middle East, Mexico, and Eastern Europe

The vast majority of Chinese feel good about the economy

Most people have confidence in President Obama

Whatever they may think of the US Government, most people have good feelings about American people. Pakistan and Turkey definitely don't see it that way. Seems like money can't buy you love

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