Here Is The Scariest Part About The US Withdrawal From Iraq And Afghanistan

Wikimedia CommonsAs the U.S. military winds down more than a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan this year, there are growing concerns about what will happen to the fragile progress of women’s rights in those countries. 

Those fears are underscored by the findings of a new Pew survey of the social and political attitudes of Muslims worldwide. According to the report, of the 23 countries surveyed, Iraq and Afghanistan are the only two countries where majorities of Muslims surveyed said that honour killings of women are justified as punishment for alleged pre- or extra-marital sex. 

Interestingly, Pew also found that, across the countries surveyed, attitudes toward honour killings were not consistently linked to religious observance, meaning that Muslims who pray several times a day were just as likely to oppose honour killings as those who do not. 

Together, those findings indicate a pervasive disregard for women’s rights in both countries — one that is only likely to get worse as the U.S. troop presence — and related human rights work — diminishes. 

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