These Are The Huge Problems That Keep China Awake At Night

The Pew Global Attitudes Report has released their latest findings from China, based on interviews with other 3,000 people earlier this year. One result in particular stood out to us.

Pew Research China

Photo: Pew Global Attitudes Project

As you can see, “rising prices” in China are the only issue seen as a “very big problem” by the majority of those surveyed. Other issues like “corrupt officials” and the “gap between rich and poor” coming close behind.

But the really fascinating thing is that “rising prices” are considered a “very big problem” by less of the population in 2012 than in 2008. In contrast, every other subject broached has seen the percentage of respondents call it a “very big problem” rise.

In particular, the Chinese surveyed seem to be questioning their countries quality control — “food safety”, the “quality of manufactured goods”, and the “safety of medicine”. Given recent stories about cancer-causing chemicals in baby food and attempts by the government to limit coverage about food-safety, we can understand why they’re concerned.

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