Greek Parliament Member: I Had Sex With Half Of Athens, And Still The Golden Dawn Is Calling Me Gay

Petros Tatsopoulos

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Far left wing member of Parliament Petros Tatsopoulos is the buzz of Greece today, thanks to a comment he made about the Neo-Nazi-esque Golden Dawn, who have a pattern of attacking immigrants and recently a gay-themed play.From, via Google Translate, comes this anecdote. 

Sorry for the bad translation, but the gist is clear, and it’s also being tweeted about.

Laughter is always the most effective way to deal with the absurd, wrote St.Kasimatis in Daily-for-another topic, but apparently vindicated (part). Yeah, sexist statement Tatsopoulos (SS: What did he say? response peaks of the Golden Dawn that he is gay, said in interview-Crash of C . Tragas-that ” I jumped half those of Athens and the Golden Dawn continue to call me sister! ) caused waves of laughter, jokes overproduction, calico, humorous images.

(Via Yiannis Mouzakis).

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