Billionaire Daughter Petra Ecclestone Bids For The Most Expensive Home In The U.S.

The most expensive house in all of US, “The Manor” will finally get a new owner, I hope! 22-year-old fashion designer Petra Ecclestone daughter of billionaire Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone, has reportedly bid for the 57,000ft French chateau-style mansion at Los Angeles.

Click here to see a photo tour of the 57,000 square foot house >
The house boasts of over a 100 rooms that includes 14 bedrooms, a barbershop, a wine tasting area, many gift-wrapping rooms, a flower-cutting room, a silver storage room that allows for humidity control, a tennis court, a koi pond, a citrus orchard, the obligatory swimming pool, and the “Prince Charles suite”, along with room to park a 100 cars.

Listed at $150 million since 2009, the sale of this house would topple the Yuri Milner’s Silicon Valley house from the position of being the most expensive family home in the US. Once purchased, the property will add to the young fashion designer’s six-storey Grade II listed house in Chelsea that was sold at £56 million ($91.62 million).

This post originally appeared at Luxurylaunches.

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