The Fabulous Life Of Billionaire Heiress Petra Ecclestone


Yesterday, Petra Ecclestone bought the most expensive home in America, which was listed at $150 million. But that’s only a piece of the fabulous life of this billionaire heiress.

The 22-year-old, five-foot-eight blonde beauty was born to Bernie Ecclestone, CEO of Formula One (the an elite car racing league in the UK, like NASCAR in the U.S.). Bernie is said to have a net worth of $4.2 billion.

Lucky for Petra and her sister Tamara, most of their father’s fortune is sitting in trust funds for them.

While she may have everything anyone could want, Petra doesn’t just lounge around and spend her father’s money. She’s also an entrepreneur.

Her parents are Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone and former Armani model Slavica, who recently divorced

Here's Petra's equally beautiful older sister, Tamara, who is also a model

The gorgeous girls grew up in London, but spent much of the childhood jetting around the world (Petra thought all the kids at school did this)

While they were in London, the sisters attended the exclusive all-girls Francis Holland School (tuition is currently around $21,000 per year)


Like her mother, Petra has tried her hand at modelling

She has a $91 million house in Chelsea, England. She needed a place with a big yard for her five dogs

Parked outside the home are a bright red Ferrari and a Mercedes G Wagon (the first right-hand driving one ever made)

She's engaged to James Stunt, a London businessman who is known for dropping $8,000 partying in one night

In May, the couple had an engagement party and Rihanna flew over to the UK to perform

And Bernie bought Petra a brand new, $1.3 million Bugatti Veyron as an engagement gift. We can't wait to see the wedding

Petra also has 10 Birkin bags, worth about $65,000 EACH... and this is just a tiny part of her endless wardrobe

And then there's her Rolex collection. Petra has seven, and each costs around $33,000

She just bought the famous 57,000 square-foot Candy Spelling mansion, which was listed at $150 million

But Petra doesn't just spend money. She's planning to launch a line of hair care products, and a line of bags

People call her the Paris Hilton of London, but here's the thing...

  • She doesn't like to party
  • She works in the fashion industry (and she works just like everyone else, usually every day from 8:30 am - 6:00 pm)
  • There's no known dirt against her (no sex tape, we mean)

So she's pretty much the exact opposite of Paris..

The Guardian

Hopefully she doesn't blow through all her money

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