Petpet Park An Ideal Fit For iPhone, iPad

Unless you have an all encompassing view of video games, it’s easy to believe the world revolves around Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Of course, a person can get his or her fix a variety of ways, including consoles, portables and online games like Petpet Park.

Created by Nickelodeon Kids & Family Virtual Worlds Group (formerly Neopets), this charming Internet game tasks players with choosing one of nine species of Petpets and then putting their new friends through training via daily activities. They can even take them out for a walk through the park and meet friends.

It’s a fun way to care for a pet that doesn’t involve cleaning up poop or lugging home heavy bags of food.

It’s one happy little pet community.

What’s more, parents can rest easy knowing their kids aren’t blowing someone’s head off in some uber violent first person shooter.

Thus far, the game’s been a huge success, and we think it would be a great idea to bring it to the App Store. Players can access it via Safari, but Petpet Park would work best with touch screen integration. Allow users to transfer accounts between their browsers and the App, and it would be a win win.

Bottom line, the App Store has some big titles, including the ever popular Angry Birds, but to knock Nintendo off its perch, Apple will need more proven franchises that pull children away from their DS and 3DS systems.

On that note, Petpet Park would be a welcome addition.

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