An Online Petition Is Pushing To Get Model Myleene Klass Dropped From Littlewoods After She Complained About Mansion Tax

MKReuters/Stephen HirdMyleene Klass.

Myleene Klass is facing ongoing criticism after Monday’s ITV Agenda debate with Labour party leader Ed Miliband over mansion tax. Now, an online petition has been posted asking a major retailer to drop the former singer from its business. 

A member of the public has set up an e-petition calling for the former pop star to be dropped as a model for Littlewoods, where she also has her own range of dresses, after Klass complained about the idea of imposing the tax, which would see a higher threshold slapped onto properties worth over £2 million. 

The startlingly bold campaign comes after Klass went “full Paxman” on Miliband and has since amassed more than 1,200 signatures. It says some Littlewood’s customers can’t afford to buy items upfront and are among the hardest hit people in Britain due to economic hardship.

Then, it asks the chain to “part company with Myleene Klass following her deeply insensitive and ignorant comments in response to Ed miliband’s proposal.”

Klass, thought to be worth around £11 million, ripped into Miliband for his mansion tax plans and, naturally, a Twitter storm ensued

Here’s the debate:

On Wednesday the Klass-Miliband exchange even reached the Commons, with Prime Minister David Cameron referencing it when facing Miliband during PMQs. Cameron ridicules his opposite number, suggesting he got taken down by a pop star.

Klass argues £2 million will only buy “like a garage” in London, where most of the taxes would be implemented. Miliband hit back afterwards, joining many on Twitter to explain why Britain needs the new tax while drawing on one of Klass’ songs with Hear’Say. 

In another turn of events, Klass has even been the subject of a fake JustGiving page, which asks for donations from people to her pay her mansion tax. Some feel she’s being hypocritical by denouncing further taxes on richer members of society. 

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