American cyclist rips the crowds that caused the epic crash at the Tour de France

The Tour de France collapsed into chaos on Thursday thanks to a wild crash on Mt. Vetoux that took Tour leader Chris Froome out, causing him to run up the mountain on foot.

While on the climb, Froome crashed into a motorbike that was pushed into the road because of the raucous crowds.

Froome tried to go on, but his bike was broken, so he continued on foot while waiting for a new bike. In the meantime, he was passed as the overall leader, though it has since come out that he will maintain the yellow jersey as officials discounted the time lost in the crash.

After the stage, while much of the cycling world was in confusion over what would happen, American cyclist Peter Stetina ripped the raucous crowds throughout the Tour, particularly the ones that caused this crash.

“It’s a little over the top,” Stetina began, explaining that he’s seen cyclists having to stiff-arm through the crowds around the road.

“It’s ridiculous… It’s dangerous. It adds another element to the racing and that’s unfortunate that the fans are dictating the race more than the legs sometimes.”

When asked what measures need to be taken to control the crowds, Stetina blasted fans for wanting to be on TV more than watch the race.

“I don’t know. Somehow we’ve gotten this scene — everyone just wants to get on TV for a party. You have guys dressed up in Borat costumes, showing their arse, it’s more about themselves than supporting the race sometimes. So, I don’t understand why you’ve gotta act like a buffoon.”

Stetina added, “It’s energizing when they’re cheering for you, but it can be too much.”

Watch Stetina’s interview below:

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