Peter Slipper Is Being Sued For Not Paying His Legal Bills

Former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper is being sued by the law firm that represented him against allegations of sexual harassment.

Law firm Maurice Blackburn stopped acting for the embattled federal MP when he failed to pay $300,000 in legal fees he owed.

Today the firm issued a statement, saying it had tried more than once to get Slipper to pay up.

“Mr Slipper was made aware of his obligations to pay fees in an agreement made when we started to act for him.

“We have made repeated attempts to recover fees and confirm we are taking legal action to recover what is owed.”

He had been represented by Maurice Blackburn principal Josh Bornstein, who was defending slipper against claims of sexual harassment brought by a former staffer James Ashby.

The case was dismissed last year, but Ashby is appealing.

Comment was being sought from Slipper.

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