This Incredible Story Of A Swede Trapped In His Snowed-In Car For Two Months Has Everyone In Europe Talking

Sweden Car Snow

Photo: YouTube

It seems like pretty much everyone in Europe is talking about this crazy story of the a 44-year-old Swede who got snowed in and had to survive in his car for two months.The Guardian reports that the man, believed to be Peter Skyllberg, had been discovered by passers-by near the north-eastern town of Umeå. He had been trapped since mid-December, he told his rescuers — medical experts at a local hospital suspected that he may have survived due to an “igloo affect” and could have hibernated in a bid to survive the temperatures of -30C (-22F).

Amazingly, the man is believed to have survived by eating snow and lip-salve. The Guardian has a picture of the inside of the car here >

John Sutherland, a Professor of Modern Literature at University College London, writes in the Guardian that the Swedes remarkable story of survival is appealing to us for a variety of reasons — not least because it confirms our ability to overcome the elements (somewhat reassuring in the age of global warming).

However, there may be more to the story than meets the eye. Aftonbladet reports that Andreas Östensson, a local petrol station owner, had seen Skyllberg recently and said that the man was a “a loner” who drove to his store and bought “hot dogs, bread, cigarettes and coffee,” while other reports that suggest that the man was fleeing from debts and a the end of a troubled relationship.

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